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Try to measure the temperature of the bed, I use the infrared temperature \"gun \". If everything is OK, power the bed and power the Hotend. First 100C, then 50c and 200C. Try to continuously measure the temperature and cross check the temperature with the software to ensure that the temperature is at the same level (or very close).

System®And design, I. D. System logo®Vehicle Asset communicator®, AVRAMP®And design, power fleet®Vision of power fleet®Fleet IQ®IQ. ®Asset Intelligence®, DidBOX®, FREIGHTCAM®And keyboard controller®. In our product development and sales efforts, we try to avoid infringement of known ownership by third parties. However, in a rapidly developing technology environment, it is difficult to proceed with certainty, in which there may be a large amount of patent application expenses, many of them are confidential about similar technologies when the application is submitted.

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