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While fake fur may be a good idea from an ethical point of view, it is not necessarily wise from a sustainability point of view, and Congressman Mary Kerry told The Independent, fake fur clothing \"is usually made entirely of artificial fibers such as polyester \". One of the most common types of polyester is plastic made from crude oil, which is also used to make ketchup bottles.

Waterproof (Poor absorption capacity)And anti-wrinkle. Nylon is similar to polyester but more durable. Used for outdoor textiles such as carpets, tents, backpacks, etc. The manufacture of acrylic fiber is similar to that of wool, adding curl. It is not insulated like wool, but it is much cheaper to produce. It has poor absorption capacity, so it quickly dried up and was used to produce fake fur products such as jumpers and coats.

But what is the faux fur, where does it come from? Artificial fur has been around since the Great Depression. Initially, fake fur was created as a cheap alternative to real fur and can only be affordable by the upper class. The early fake fur looks fake. It is mainly made of camel hair. In their forties, fake fur became more authentic when acrylic polymers appeared.

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