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 Artificial fur  | Zhengtai Textile

Artificial fur | Zhengtai Textile

  1. Jacquard High Pile Plush

  2. 1. Jacquard HP Plush: 650GSM, composition: 100% polyester, pile height: 40MM.
    2. Ready colors: 5~10
    3. Home textiles products: cushion.
    a. Jacquard faux HP fur cushion:650gsm Jacquard faux HP fur (front)+180gsm mink fur (back)
    Size:17.7”* 17.7”

  3. Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.


Product Details

We believe that participation in the Artificial fur exhibition will offer us an opportunity to meet with up to thousands of experts and benefit from face-to-face interaction with them. It is expected that the exhibition will bring us many unexpected benefits. Such Zhengtai Textile lamps and lanterns are both stable and generous, and can choose light sources according to different needs, or all lights are put together, full of room brilliance, or single lights are put alone, and the knee is old. The living room is the center of the whole family's activities, and it is also a place to receive relatives and friends, with high utilization rate. In the haze weather, affected by suspended particles in the air, the driver's sight is often blocked. If you judge the position of the vehicle driving in front of you is unclear, in fact, the vehicle behind you will also judge your driving position, so you must turn on the corresponding Artificial fur light assistance at this time, to ensure safe driving.We have strict inspection system to control quality when producing Artificial fur.

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