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 faux animal rug  | Zhengtai Textile

faux animal rug | Zhengtai Textile

  1. HP Rugs

  2. 1. Two-tone HP fur: 1200GSM, composition: 100% polyester, pile height: 50MM.
    2. Ready colors: 6~10
    3. Home textiles products: rugs.
    Two-tone HP fur rugs:1200gsm Two-tone HP fur (front) boned with 110gsm suede backing (glue bonded)

  3. Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.

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Product Details

High-end technologies including faux animal rug are utilized to manufacture the product, making sure that the product is made to be of stable performance and high quality. It has great uses in a wide range of fields, including Throws Blankets & Pillows Cushions. Cultural concept:Chinese lanterns are integrated: painting art, paper cutting, paper binding, sewing and other techniques. Among the lights made in ancient China, Throws Blankets & Pillows Cushions Palace lights and screen lights are the most famous.Lanterns are connected to the life of the Chinese people. There are lanterns in temples and living rooms everywhere. Throws Blankets & Pillows Cushions The sample can illuminate a larger area, Throws Blankets & Pillows Cushions showing that the room is more spacious \ n do you want to interpret it from the perspective of feng shui or from the perspective of design?The heating element of the product effectively facilitates the water content released from the food in a short time.

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