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Printed Mink Fur Blanket.

1. Printed mink fur: 410GSM, composition: 100% polyester, pile height: 6MM.

2. Ready colors: 10~18

3. Home textiles products:blanket,cushion.

Printed mink fur blanket: 410gsm Printed mink fur(front)+180gsm mink fur (back)

Size:50”* 60”

Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.


Product Details

The Zhengtai Textile exhibition is one of the largest and authoritative exhibitions with total show attendance of over thousands. People from different countries and regions come to this exhibition for seeking business opportunities. The annual trading volume has reached millions of dollars. Most of the modern and simple Chinese decoration simplifies the decoration of the Zhengtai Textile ceiling, such as retaining only the shape of the traditional ceiling, using square and round auspicious patterns such as fluke life or rectangular wooden plaid patterns as the design of the ceiling, then hang the chandelier in the center and design simple decorations around it, making the whole design look atmospheric and steady. It is designed to be of a unique structure and look, making it highly attractive to potential customers. In addition, it has the features of Zhengtai Textile and so on, which makes it more valuable.The product does not generate noise. It is designed with an anti-noise system which can make the noise lower than the noise standards prescribed by the state.

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