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rabbit fur rugs | Zhengtai Textile

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We give careful attention to face-to-face communication. We will treasure this opportunity of exhibiting our services and rabbit fur rugs products at the trade show. Hopefully, by talking with purchasers, dealers, and so on, we can provide the best fit for what they really need. The first floor is the pattern of the wrong floor. the front hall of the entrance is the treasure of the town garden of 'qishi Xiaoguan Park', including a piece of Qishi and Li Xiongcai, Jia Pingwa's ink treasure. In the front hall and the hollow partial Hall, a nearly 4-meter-high poplar wood is placed against the wall. the tree is covered with a whole wolf skin and hangs with an old fishing net. It can be used in Fabrics and so on. We believe that in the future, the product can be of greater value in more areas.The product is easy to use - erase the handwriting with the press of the button; mark down new ideas with an easy-use pen.

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