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 Sherpa Throw Blanket  | Zhengtai Textile

Sherpa Throw Blanket | Zhengtai Textile

Faux High Pile Fur  Pillow Cushion In Color Shade.
Home Decor
Super Soft Plush Throw Pillow
Cosy Faux Fur Cushion

45*45cm / 650gsm


Product Details

Chandelier design instructions, urgent use !! 30 Knowledge of lighting fixturesClassification of lighting fixturesThere are many classification methods for Rugs,Carpets & Doormats lighting lamps, such as classification according to use, classification according to luminous flux distribution ratio recommended by CIE and classification according to dust prevention, moisture prevention and electric shock prevention grades. it adheres to the elegant and delicate, exquisite and luxurious French style of the fansai Palace, and produces the world-famous (crystal) lighting, after 30 years of continuous efforts and development, accumulated many years of experience, its unique Sherpa Throw Blanket feature is to understand the way of design, unique artistic taste, design thousands of beautiful art lighting, these include all kinds of large hotels, halls, restaurants and state organs. Generally, the roof is a cement or masonry structure. it should be fixed by embedded hooks, bolts, screws and expansion bolts. at this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the fixing nut and the weight of the crystal chandelier. match. At this time, the expansion screw will be fixed to the hole position by using the electric drill bit.Made from high-quality Sherpa Throw Blanket has been the best selling product in Zhengtai Textile.

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