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 tan cowhide rug  | Zhengtai Textile

tan cowhide rug | Zhengtai Textile

  1. Foiled Thick Rabbit Fur Rugs.

  2. 1. Foiled big rabbit fur: 650GSM, composition: 100% polyester, pile height: 30MM.
    2. Ready colors: 2~6
    3. Home textiles products: rugs.
    Foiled thick rabbit fur rugs: 650gsm rabbit fur (front) bonded with 110gsm suede backing (glue bonded)

  3. Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.


Product Details

Our engineers are able to utilize tan cowhide rug in a highly efficient manner. Thanks to the adoption of high-end technologies, the product is made to be quality guaranteed. At present, its application field includes Rugs,Carpets & Doormats. I. Types of Light Sources: White tan cowhide rug woven lights: filament electric heating to white woven state, light (heating), the most traditional lighting, is about to be eliminated. Halogen lamp: Commonly known as lamp beads, it has a high brightness and high color rendering than white woven lamp. it is common in car halogen headlights, crystal lamps and spotlights of shopping malls. If you don't have anything to do, just enjoy the safe days at home! This is also a way to charge! Zhengtai Textile lamp is a piece of paper for the Eastern generation of white, illuminating the West Road of the deceased. Hanging at the gate.You have good luck. A piece of paper for white things, illuminating the West Road of the deceased. Hanging at the gate.Zhengtai Textile is manufactured complying with strict shoe materials requirements. Its quality is guaranteed by the production process which is in charge of qualified QC workers.

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