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Zhengtai Textile |  alpaca fleece fabric

Zhengtai Textile | alpaca fleece fabric

Faux baby alpaca fabric: 470gsm / 

Compsition: 100%polyester

Faux baby alpaca, fluffy, soft and comfortable.

Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.


Product Details

How to buy alpaca fleece fabric lamps and lanterns Precautions for purchasing lamps and lanternsWhen you buy lamps, you should start with the decoration style of the house, so that the lighting you choose can be coordinated with the home improvement. The new Zhengtai Textile Chinese lamps and lanterns are not a sublation of Chinese style, nor a stack of pure Chinese elements, but a deep understanding of traditional culture, which skillfully combines traditional elements with modern design techniques. It has a new design and new concept of modern sense, and creates a new home style with the use needs and aesthetic needs of modern people. After delivering the goods, we will track the status of the order and give feedback to customers. Tell us your requirements if you are interested in our alpaca fleece fabric or want to know more about us.Its low maintenance rate enables it to reduce a large amount of cost in replacing bulbs and cleaning. This product is able to work for a super long time.

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