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Zhengtai Textile |  faux rabbit fur rug

Zhengtai Textile | faux rabbit fur rug

Faux High Pile Fur Curly Rug Carpet.
Faux Fur Rug 800gsm for Room Decoration.

Acrylic High Pile Curly Rug with sheepskin rug for back. 

Size: 60cm * 90cm
Great choice for room carpet, pet mat, nursery, entrance hall, grate, office, store, restroom, live streaming chat rooms decoration etc
Home Textiles.

Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.


Product Details

This is our humble invitation for you to participate in the faux rabbit fur rug exhibition and visit our booth so that we can communicate with each other face to face and share useful information. First of all, all lights are hung on the wall, and the Zhengtai Textile lights are heavy, so the load-bearing problem of the floor needs to be considered, and the floor should be as high as possible, this will not make the space feel very depressed.Decoration color: the decoration color of the lighting store is best based on one main color plus two auxiliary colors. Once the package is ready, we will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible and ensure every package is transported safely. Want to know more about our faux rabbit fur rug, contact us now.Zhengtai Textile complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards. It has passed the EMC test in terms of conducted disturbances immunity, power interference, and immunity to induced voltages.

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