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Zhengtai Textile |  faux yarn

Zhengtai Textile | faux yarn

Imitation wool fabric 580gsm 100%POLYESTER

Imitation wool fabric, color diversity, uniform particles, suitable for clothing, waistcoat, pillow, blanket, toys, scarf decorations, the back smooth, can be composite materials, is a very high-quality fabric

Product Details

Having tried our Rugs,Carpets & Doormats product and communicated with us, customers, no matter they are professionals or fresh in the industry, gave us high evaluation. Then look for the person who makes the plaster line, use the flat line in the middle of the ceiling to make a diamond-shaped flower, and make the 8-cent Yangxian strip on the edge. The diamond-shaped mosaic is one square in 200 yuan, and the Yangxian is one meter in 10 yuan. Every time when the faux yarn exhibition opens, thousands of orders are placed by the exhibitors who seek business opportunities.Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd. offers affordable premium prices for faux yarn as well as excellent service experience.

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