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Zhengtai Textile |  furry yarn

Zhengtai Textile | furry yarn

Imitation wool fabric 580gsm 100%POLYESTER

Imitation wool fabric, color diversity, uniform particles, suitable for clothing, waistcoat, pillow, blanket, toys, scarf decorations, the back smooth, can be composite materials, is a very high-quality fabric

Product Details

Our staff kept recording the customers' feedback on us and our furry yarn product at the scene because we firmly believed that it was those comments that encouraged us to move forward. 90% of the customers praised that the product was processed exquisitely. The simple shape often appears to be very atmospheric in the overall decoration style. If you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose the Zhengtai Textile ceiling lamp or floor lamp with dark colors such as black and crimson. if you pay attention to decoration and pursue modern style, you can choose lively lighting; The living room is small but still retains the American furry yarn element-the fireplace, the room DoorThe door covers and niches are symmetrical, so that Background wallMore integrated.Close-up fireplace,TileThe collage can foil the sense of design.Single sofa, which is standard in American style, has neutral color and uniform color.The product has Ra values all above 90 and shows superior testing results for CQS (Color Quality Scale) as well.

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