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Zhengtai Textile |  Ombre fur

Zhengtai Textile | Ombre fur

Throw blanket & pillow cushion

1. Danish mink fur throw blanket & pillow cushion: 700gsm 

2. Compsition: 100%Polyester 

3. Size:50"*60"

The blankets' & cushion' fabric are 450gsm faux rabbit fur with 180gsm mink fur for back. 
Cut & embossed danish mink fur, special workmanship, cause best product.No doubt, it is absolute luxury.

Changshu Zhengtai Textile Co., Ltd.

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As is widely known to us, the exhibition is always packed with the latest trends, technologies, and so on. We sincerely invite you to the Ombre fur exhibition and come to our booth. You won't regret. This Zhengtai Textile chandelier, which has been specially designed, can reflect realistic tree shadows on the wall. it seems that the home has become a weird dead wood tree garden, and there will be zombie werewolf ghosts at any time! The website is\ N if it is a downlight ceiling light LED series, you can find Dongyi lighting or collect lighting, and the factory is on Lefeng Road, henglan town.Zhengtai Textile Ombre fur will go through a double check before shipping. It is rigorously tested to guarantee its quality in terms of its parameters to make sure it suits the designated phone models.

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