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Warp Knitting And Weft Knitting
Warp Knitting And Weft Knitting
The company also owns the most advanced warp and weft knitting equipment in the industry, such as warp knitting jacquard machine and no pile shedding machine; from 12-26 needle weft knitting large circular knitting machine, large-scale opening machine, high pile machine, encryption machine, etc., the production data all adopt the circular knitting machine data acquisition software management system. Have more than 10 years of experience in management and front-line staff.
Home  Textile
Home Textile
Mainly engaged in many kinds of middle,high-grade home textiles, household goods. Mainly: artificial fur pillow, blanket, rug, carpet and pet products. The workshop has fully automatic intelligent blade cutting machine, laser cutting machine, a professional home textile production management team, and more than 10 years of specialized artificial home textile sewing and packaging workers.
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