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Exhibition Hall
The company was established for more than ten years, it has always payed attention to the importance of samples. Artificial products are custom-made items. Different customers have different requirements for the same products, and have specific requirements for weight, pile height and color.
How to achieve more efficient to meet the needs of customers for samples, has been our thinking problem, after years of exploration, we have worked out a set of the most effective program, put into a lot of human and material resources cost------ For all the fabrics, home textile products and new samples we have developed and made, we have always insisted on making one more sample, leaving a group of hangers in the exhibition hall at the same time roll sample in showroom warehouse. In this way, we can make sure that all the samples in our exhibition hall have been made by our company, and there are roll samples, which are managed by special personnel.
After many years of accumulation, at present, we can provide the same sample or similar sample when any customer has sample selection requirements, To greatly meet the customer's sample selection needs, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of repeated making samples.
Quality Inspection
After years of cooperation with customers of different brands, we are deeply aware of the importance of quality control, which is also a wind vane to reflect the strength of a company. In order to ensure the excellent quality of our products, after nearly five years of improvement, our company has cultivated a strong quality inspection team. According to the American standard four point system, the whole process of quality inspection is recorded by ERP, and every roll of products delivered by our company can be traced. According to the requirements of different products and customers, our company is deployed with various inspection equipment, such as high pile product inspection machine, inside and outside fur product inspection machine, needle detector machine, etc.
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